Leicester rumors close to grab "William Carvalho" from Real Betis

27 Jun

Leicester City Football Club of the English Premier League, aiming to close the deal, won the midfielder William Carvalho, the 28-year-old Portuguese national team from Real Betis in the football market. Up to 14 million pounds for this round, as reported by Radio Margarita, the Spanish media. Previously, the news came to the undermining with both Milan and Monaco, but the latest report from the radio station Bull. Determined to become an army Blue fox Which is about to slice the face of this race to dominate Carvalho is estimated at around 18 million pounds before Kovid -19 will spread throughout the world before the value of the referred to be reduced to 14 million pounds from the situation, referred to as one of Betman's Keyman since the 2018/19 season before the injury taken him from Most of the field in this season However Blue fox In the midst of the roast of the UEFA Champions League quota. When held in the top 3 in the league's top league table at this time 

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